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Synchronize all data distributed across the company. Automated.

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What is sycnAgent

and how does it help?

A unique integration platform serving as a mediator for data exchange between any ERP system and your software. Or another ERP system.

The syncAgent service automates processes that you do manually. Connects applications, transmits and transforms data. All this 24 hours a day, without the need for your intervention. Start automating the processes you do manually today and save your time!

Used by clients across all industries


Why use


Prioritization of activities

Your employees need to do more important work than routinely move data

Elimination of human errors

When processing data manually, you often make a typo

Internal cost savings

Save costs on people with automation and integration

Quick deployment in practice

Once the needs have been specified, the integration itself can only take a few days

Data processing monitoring

We have a well-arranged dashboard where we monitor whether the transfers are successful

Warnings and notifications

If a problem occurs during processing, the system notifies you


Learn your applications communicate with one type of API that integrates dozens of ERP and accounting systems

Long-term support and development

We are constantly expanding and improving syncAgent


Data synchronization takes place over an encrypted connection

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