We will connect your software with all ERP and accounting systems

Do you have an e-shop, portal solution, configurator, IoT or other web or mobile application? With syncAgent, we integrate your data quickly and securely. From anywhere.

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What is syncAgent

and how does it help?

A unique integration platform serving as a mediator for data exchange between any ERP system and your software. Alternatively with another ERP system.

The syncAgent service automates processes that you do manually. Connects applications, transmits and transforms data. All this 24 hours a day, without the need for your intervention. Start automating the processes you do manually today and save your time!

For who

is the syncAgent?

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Software developers

ERP manufacturer

Make your

daily work easier

Unified API interface for all ERP systems

Advanced monitoring of data transmissions

Long-term support of the platform and its development

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